Web & Cloud Services

Our strength is the development of full-stack or business applications. We prefer micro services, which we roll out in containerized high-availability clusters (Docker / Kubernetes). In the Cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP) or on premise. We provide responsive web UIs according to your style guide.

DevOps & Infrastructure

You want to develop, test and run your applications completely in the cloud? Do you also want to relocate your production systems? To pay only what you really need, to flexibly use IT services with changing needs, and to run your global operations? We can create and operate infrastructure for you on AWS, Azure or GCP.

Business Applications

We can develop complex business applications consisting of dozens or hundreds of services including databases processing millions of records per day, providing load balancing and failover. Our development teams combine all the necessary skills to work with high productivity and quality.

Rapid Protoyping

You have a new business idea and are looking for investors? We help you to give shape and form to your idea. We create your first wireframes, mockups and prototypes for exciting presentations.

AI Training Data Preparation

To train your AI, you need training data that is sufficient in quantity and quality. We are specialized in image and video processing, and we can help you with the collection, annotation, and structuring of data sets.

AI Video Analytics

You don’t see with your eyes, you see with your brain. In the same way, a camera only provides data but no information. With our expertise in video analysis and especially in deep learning, we can generate information from the data.